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The VINTA Filipiñana Collection are bespoke and couture garments, custom crafted by hand to your specific measurements. Once you click "Order Now" you will be asked for a series of measurements. Please use the Measurement Manual as a guide. It's always a good idea to have someone help you take your measurements. If our couturier needs any clarification, we will get in touch with you. You will receive a confirmation once we are ready to start on your order.

If you are looking to order for a wedding party of two or more, and you are in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), we can come to you and get you and your party fitted at no extra cost. 

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Pricing + Shipping

Pricing is in US dollars and includes shipping to anywhere in North America, but not applicable brokerage or tariffs. Custom order shipments comes in from Manila, Philippines, we cannot guarantee that the package will not get held up in customs, please give yourself an absolute minimum of 8 weeks for delivery. Insurance coverage for the shipping is extra. Expedited shipping is extra.


VINTA Women’s Collection pieces can be customized (fabric, embellishment, hemlines, etc). Pricing will start at (plus) + $200 on top of the price of the garment. VINTA Men's Collection barongs can be customized (fabric, embellishment, dyeing). Pricing will start at (plus) + $200 on top of the price of the barong.  

We offer no refunds, but we will pay for a local tailor to get the fit of your garment adjusted once it arrives, if need be. Tailoring reimbursement is invalid if you lose/gain a lot of weight from the time we measurements are taken.