"Designer spotlight: This Designer Proves There's a Modern Way to Wear Filipiniana-Inspired Pieces"

— Preview.PH

She remains an advocate of Filipino fashion despite being based overseas.

Without a doubt, the Philippines is a fount of fashion creatives. With the likes of Monique LhuillerMichael Cinco, and John Herrera being recognized worldwide for their creations, it's almost safe to say that Filipinos are innately drawn to fashion. But in a time when everyone seems to be taking a global outlook, it's easy to overlook designs and techniques that are anchored in our heritage.

One of its avid advocates is designer Caroline Mangosing, who has managed to birth modern pieces that do not only honor Philippine fashion in history, but also highlight its potential as a source of sartorial inspiration. She may be based in Toronto, Canada, but her heart continues to be nestled in her home country. Below, we talk to the designer about her hopes and dreams for Philippine fashion through her brand, Vinta Gallery.

"The Marcos dictatorship tarnished traditional Filipiniana fashion — this designer is reviving it"


At Toronto's Vinta Gallery, Caroline Mangosing is expressing her culture through barongs and ternos.




I have to admit that I was a little awestruck to be meeting with and interviewing Caroline Mangosing for the 9 Muses series. I had admired her and her work through the internets for awhile, and the fact that we were both in Manila at the same time and connected through this project felt like some kind of cosmic alignment. Founder and former executive director of Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture, designer of modern Filipiniana line VINTA Gallery, as well as an actor and producer pushing for Filipina representation in film - her career and commitment to the Filipinx community is impressive to say the very least. Turns out, she's even cooler in person. Sarcastic, animated, and unfiltered, Caroline brims over with real talk, advice, and encouragement. She's someone who is clearly comfortable in her own skin and owns her power as a proud Filipina woman, badass without the ego.