Caroline Mangosing, who lives in Toronto, Canada, and Ria Limjap, who lives in the capital city of Manila, Philippines met in their early 20s at a Limjap Clan Reunion held in the Our Lady of Assumption campus in Antipolo in 2001. As the years went on, they remained good friends and eventually ended up living in the same Brooklyn apartment together. They were getting older, skateboarding less and looking for a new project to keep them creative.

Paul, Dave and a couple of other friends had the idea to start making t-shirts, so they set out to learn how to screen print. They bought a simple screen and some ink from Pearl Paint and began printing their artwork on t-shirts. Bolstered by positive reactions from friends, they began selling their t-shirts to local skate shops and at various markets in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Business began to grow, so they moved their small operation from their apartment on Graham Avenue and Withers Street in Williamsburg to Paul's dad's whip cream factory on Long Island. "We started selling a lot of t-shirts and realized quickly that we were going to have to buy a screen printing machine.  By good fortune, we were introduced to a screen printer who was going out of business and selling one for cheap. Paul’s family owns a whip cream company and they were nice enough to let us store our machine in their warehouse and work there after normal business hours,” Dave explains. The boys began printing their t-shirts immersed in the scent of fine whipped toppings; all was well and good.