The Modern Filipiniana Wedding, VINTA Style

One of the reasons we created VINTA was to bring the beauty, grace, regality and culture of Filipiniana fashion back into the conversation — so that people like you can find us. And there’s nothing more glamorous and fashionable than a Filipiniana wedding.

But apart from all the hoopla, constant planning and stress it takes to plan a big wedding event, we know that once you’re walking down the aisle, in that one dress made just for you, all of that just dissipates. Trust us, we’ve done many weddings — and seeing just how happy and beautiful our clients look and feel in a VINTA custom-made Filipiniana terno wedding dress literally brings a tear to our eye (okay, we’re full on sobbing).

But before we get to that moment, back to the planning. It’s tough to even know where to begin, especially if you’re the one planning your own wedding. There’s the wedding theme and style (modern Filipiniana wedding, obvi), the wedding party, the guest list (this is surprisingly super hard), the venue, the food (so key), the invitations, the souvenirs and, of course, the wedding dress.

When it comes to finding the perfect modern Filipiniana wedding dress, it’s important to speak with a designer who understands exactly the style you’re going for. Our VINTA Filipiniana Collection are bespoke and couture garments, meaning everything is custom crafted by hand to specific measurements — right down to the embroidery, embellishments and hemlines of your dream wedding dress.

If you’re just getting started and looking for a bit of inspiration for your modern Filipiniana wedding, check out some of our favourite VINTA wedding themes and moments below.


City Escape: Filipiniana Garden Wedding on Toronto Island
Christine & Darrel

Our founder and designer’s beautiful sister’s wedding couture was just everything. The VINTA team created her Filipiniana bridal dress with a vintage printed linen corset top and stunning custom Filipino-inspired jewelry that draped along her shoulders.

The groom’s custom barong was inspired by barongs from the 19th century, which were longer and more formal-looking in comparison to the different variants of the casual, modern barong we often see today. Darrel’s barong was also lined with the same material (silk organza) for reinforcement, since silk organza is quite delicate.

For this Filipiniana wedding, it was all in the details. Christine’s dad’s hand-embroidered Nehru collar barong was lined with coconut wood buttons, giving a timeless feeling of warmth and a Filipino artisan touch, while her mom’s Filipiniana terno dress set with Thai silk brocade sleeves turned heads, as the trio walked down the aisle together. Suffice it to say there was not a dry eye in sight. (Luckily, we also created their giveaway, which was delicate muslin handkerchiefs that had the bride and groom’s initials and “no ugly crying” embroidered on it.)


Wine Country: Classic Filipiniana Wedding in California
Diandre & Noah

Honestly, this is the most beautiful I have ever felt EVER.” Our beautiful bride’s words in VINTA’s couture Filipiniana wedding gown.

We were so proud of this amazing collaboration with a wildly artistic bride and groom. Diandre is a shoe designer and Noel is a tattoo artist who specializes in Philippine and Polynesian Island tribal tattoos. They wanted to be able to design their own embroidery motifs — we agreed and had it done by master craftspeople in Taal, Batangas on garments that we designed just for them.



Dreamy Throwback: 1950s-Inspired Filipiniana Wedding in 2014
Catherine & Rudy

This ultra modern corseted Maria Clara wedding gown made this stunning bride feel like a queen. Her sisters/bridal party wore 1950s-inspired Filipiniana terno dresses with hair done in impeccable beehive style, taking us back to the golden days of Filipiniana glamour.



Downtown Glamour: Elegant Filipiniana Wedding in the City
Rhowena & Veeren

“Glamorous, timeless and elegant VINTA brought to life in my Filipiniana dress and handmade fascinator, Veeren’s gorgeous barong and our entire wedding party’s oh so fantastic custom barongs! Now I just have to find an event I can wear this dress again… The entire VINTA team works true magic while being sustainable AND ethical; everything to make anyone’s bridal dreams come to life.” Heart bursting, from VINTA bride Rhowena’s words.

You never forget your first. Rhowena and Veeren’s wedding was a special one for us — the first bridal terno we ever did, back in 2013. The bride looked simply captivating in her fully beaded VINTA terno wedding gown and custom white fascinator — it was a timeless Filipiniana wedding look she was going for, but with modern elements that added character to the whole event. (I mean, that Filipiniana wedding entourage… looking so fresh.)

We were thrilled and humbled that she had so much faith in the VINTA team, as she worked with us to create her dream Filipiniana wedding — both sides couldn’t have been happier.