Black Tunic Barong

black barong
black barong

Black Tunic Barong

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Ready to Wear

The Tunic Barong features a longer cut and features a fully open button up front, with a curved hem. Slim cut and easy to wear, this modern classic is always flattering. 

The Tunic Barong is made of black, hand-dyed silk cocoon (100% silk), machine embroidered in Lumban, Laguna, and has mother of pearl buttons with hand-sewn buttonholes. Each Tunic is handcrafted by Master Lita and the VINTA Gallery team in our atelier in the Philippines. 

We have only created two barongs in each size, so don't hesitate! Sizing chart is below. 

Price is in USD and includes shipping to Canada and the US. This garment ships out of Manila. 

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